Town of Colorado City

P.O. Box 70, Colorado City, AZ 86021

Phone & TDD (928)875-2646

Elections & Voting

The Town of Colorado City is having a Council election in the fall election cycle of 2018.

The general election was held November 6, 2018.  2018 general election results:  
Mohave County,  Secretary of State

The  results of the November 6, 2018 general election are:
     Alma Hammon
     Jeffery Jessop Sr.
     Joanne Shapley 

for more information on how the election outcome is determined ARS 9-821.01

Campaign Finance Reports Filed for the Town of Colorado City Town Council Election

Arizona requires that all elections in Arizona be held on one of four days.  Click here for a list of the upcoming election dates and the voter registration deadlines.

For voter information or to register to vote please select one of the following links.

Arizona Secretary of State Elections

Mohave County Elections Department

Mohave County Recorders Office -  Voter Registration Division