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Tree Removal & Replacement

Posted by vance on December 23rd, 2019

Town of Colorado City

Tree Replacement Program

Beginning December 23, 2019


As part of the Town’s plan for maintaining and improving the Town’s urban forest, the Town is working with Garkane Energy to remove and replace up to forty trees that are under the high voltage power lines.  (This is approximately 25% of the trees that are in the Town’s right of way and are in danger of impinging upon the power lines). 

The Town will also be removing & replacing several trees that have been identified as a safety hazard due to obstructing traffic control signs and intersection visibility.

The Town will be replacing the removed trees with other trees or plants that are more appropriate for these locations. 

The commitment of the Town Government and staff is to enhance the beautification of the Town and maintain the investments and efforts that have been made by many citizens over the years to provide the trees and other beautification of the streets.  This removal and replacement program is a continuation of that vision of beautification, and to provide for enhanced traffic and pedestrian safety.  When this first phase of the project is completed the Town will have in excess of 1,000 trees in its parks and street right of ways.

For more information please email

The Town also encourages any citizens who have trees on private property that are in danger of coming into contact with the high voltage power lines to work with Garkane Energy for removal and replacement of the trees as it is a safety concern.

For more information on Garkane’s program please contact them directly at (888)644-5026.